Thursday, August 12, 2010

Whilst waiting...

Dear lovely ladies out there,

My sincere apologies for taking such a long time to work on this blog, I am in the midst of updating the pictures of the products which I do sell, as mentioned, on preorder basis only. While waiting, you may check out my page on Facebook.

The NYX albums have already been completed. So feel free to drop by & check out what are the items which suit you. Personally I would like to have the palettes, the eyebrow cake powder, mega shine lipgloss. Looks gorgeous don't they? I just would like to share with you some quality products under the sun, and of course, at an affordable pricing.

Here are the links to the pictures, with descriptions, couple of swatches & pricing indicated:

NYX for Lips

NYX Eye Cosmetics

NYX for Faces

NYX in Sets

Happy Shopping for August spree :)

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